Innovation Law Lab

How Innovation Law Lab used Teamway to build a world-class remote engineering team.

Innovation Law Lab was founded to harness the power of technology, law, and activism all in a single organization to end the mass incarceration of children and mothers in secret jails and inhumane conditions. Innovation Law Lab leverages the work of coders, lawyers, and activists in order to end isolation and exploitation of immigrants and refugees, build permanent pathways to immigrant inclusion, and advance justice.

Access to top talent is everything

When Innovation Law Lab needed to staff up for a critical project period, they turned to Teamway to find high-quality engineers who could step into the process right away. The firm had previously worked with other agencies, but found that the talent provided by Teamway was better than what they had encountered before.

One of the key factors that made Teamway stand out was the platform's ability to match engineers with the specific needs of Innovation Law Lab. The firm's engineers needed to have the ability to listen, be empathetic, and deliver on projects. Teamway's pre-vetted candidates made it easy for Innovation Law Lab to find engineers who fit their specific requirements.

Getting started was hassle free

Innovation Law Lab also appreciated Teamway's user-friendly platform, which made it easy to create job listings and manage the hiring process. Innovation Law Lab had a positive experience working with Teamway and appreciated the understanding and care that the Teamway team had for their business. They found the talent through Teamway to be better than other agencies they had worked with before, and they appreciated the open communication they had with the Teamway team.

We have had great experiences working with Teamway and their team of engineers. They understand our needs and are able to deliver high-quality work that aligns with our agile methodology. Regular check-ins and open communication have been key to the success of our partnership.

The quality of the developers helped complete new projects in record time

Working with Teamway has been a great experience for us at Innovation Law Lab. Not only did they provide us with high quality engineers that were able to step into our project period quickly, but the open communication and understanding of our needs from the Teamway team has made us feel heard and valued. The talent pool they have collected is also noteworthy, and we appreciate the additional support they have provided with international transactions.

Teamway's ability to provide high-quality engineers quickly and efficiently solved a critical staffing need for Innovation Law Lab. The firm was able to launch their project on time and with the necessary staff in place.

Innovation Law Lab continues to work with Teamway to this day for their staffing needs, and recommends their services to other technology and startup companies.