7 tips on how to stay productive

Struggling with productivity when working remotely? Our team shares 7 tips on how to maintain your focus and optimize your time. Click here!

One of the biggest advantages of remote work is freedom. We decide our work schedule and how we want to spend our free time. But this freedom also challenges us to stay productive if we don’t have established working hours or frameworks.

Google is full of tips for how to stay productive, but it might be hard to choose what works best. So, we have asked our team members to share their experience on how to maintain their focus. 

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7 awesome productivity tips

1. Calendar optimization

A calendar is a great tool for keeping track of our days, but there is a high chance that some of us don’t use it efficiently. How many times did we have several meetings spread out throughout the day? Or how many times we were interrupted when in deep work? That can be very frustrating…

Clockwise is a smart calendar assistant that optimizes your time and helps you to improve your focus. It also allows you to block specific hours of the day, so you wouldn’t be interrupted by meeting invitations. 

2. Good old to-do lists and notes

Most likely, to-do lists and notes belong to classics in productivity management. Whether it is a hand-written, text file, or an app, it is a good idea to keep your tasks noted down. It can also be a good idea to prioritize important and urgent tasks to have an overview of what’s gonna be your next step. 

3. End of mass-emails

Email merge tools help to send a bunch of personalized emails just with one click. This saves time and makes the receiver feel special by reading an email dedicated to them!   

4. Watch your spelling!

Typos can make your content look unprofessional, but there is a solution for that! Grammarly is a big help when you want to save time when writing. It highlights typing errors and suggests editions. On top of that, it also helps with adjusting your tone by guessing how your text sounds. Is it friendly? Optimistic? Or maybe angry? 

“Remember to go out for daily walks on your breaks, or do some quick yoga to stretch your body and to release the tension.“

5. Project overview

Jira is another powerful tool for project planning. It is a road map tool helping to manage various projects and tasks people work on.

Self-care is as important as your professional goals.

6. Employ shortcuts

If you are tired of searching for various files when you work, the Alfred app is your friend! Designed for MacOS, it helps browse the Web and your computer. It is like the Spotlight Search on Mac, but with more features.

7. Remember self-care

Self-care is as important as your professional goals. A clear and stress-free mind can boost your productivity! So, try to follow our team’s advice and remember to go out for daily walks on your breaks, or do some quick yoga to stretch your body and to release the tension.