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Everything you need to know about Teamway.


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What is Teamway?

Teamway is the member-owned society where world-class tech professionals team up with progressive companies to build meaningful products and services.


What is Teamway's mission?

Our mission is to create the most empowering working conditions for talent and companies to collaborate.


What are Teamway’s values?

Our core values are: Fairness, Ownership, Transparency and belonging. We're working hard on living up to our values and implementing them in every aspect of our communication, the society and all of our processes and expect our members to respect these values within the society as well.


How does vetting process of talent work?

We have a 4-step in-depth, process led with existing Teamway members, which includes a Profile review, a Live Screening, a Test Project, and a Technical Skill review with a senior member. This is followed by continued excellence on the platform.


How longs does it take to see the first matches?

You should see at least 1 profile in the first 48-72 hours following your request.


What is the pricing model.

The talents set their rates and we add a 15% TW fee on top. We invoice once a month.


What's the difference between Teamway and traditional freelance platforms or consultancies?

Teamway is member-owned and decentralized. This means that all members can earn ownership of the society by contributing. You can contribute in various ways; work for clients, screen applicants, mentor other members, host events, invite talent, invite companies and much more. Everytime you contribute you earn TMW tokens, which gives you power, utility and profits. We are building this together. A new model for work.


Can I meet other members?

You’re not only able to meet other freelancers of Teamway, but we even encourage you to get in touch with other society members! We have a lot of society-led events, webinars, groups and initiatives going on and our members can even make earnings through contributing to the Society. A global society of remote tech professionals that connects and helps each other out.


Which perks does Teamway have for members?

Teamway provides numerous opportunities for our members to network, learn from one another, grow professionally and utilize the partner offerings.


Can Teamway assist me in my VISA application?

No, our customers provide remote team roles only, so there’s no need (or possibility) to apply for a VISA through Teamway or our customers.


Which countries do you support?

We currently support members with legal entities based in all countries, excluding Iran and Russia. If you’re a Russian or Iranian Citizen, you may apply in case of the possession of a legal entity outside of those countries and must be located outside of these countries while working through Teamway.


What if a customer doesn’t pay the invoices? Am I protected in some way?

If a client fails to pay, we currently do not guarantee any replacement services. As it is also in our interest that the customer pays our talent, we do everything in our power to enforce these contractual obligations though. After hundreds of collaborations we still have not experienced any challenges on this matter.


I want to work part-time, is that possible?

99% of our current openings are full-time positions (30+ hours per week). If you don't put an interest in full-time positions in your profile, the likelihood of being contacted in the near future is pretty low, but it’s possible.


How long are the average projects?

The average project length currently is 9 months. Shortest project periods are starting at 3 months.


How does the payment work?

Invoices are created automatically at the end of each month in the system. All you have to do is log your hours working on a project and submit your banking details. You can get the payment via regular bank transfer or connect your WISE account.


How much can I earn? Does Teamway subtract a fee from my rate?

As a member of the Teamway society, you will set your own hourly rate and are paid accordingly to that rate. We can assist you in identifying a competitive rate suitably to your location and experience, but in the end you decide which rate you want to take. Teamway doesn’t take anything from your rate, but the customer pays 15% on top of your rate, which are the Teamway earnings. Both, the customers and the talent can see this transparently in our platform.


What is the TMW token?

The Teamway Token, TMW, is the medium of exchange that represents rights to power, profits, and perks in the Teamway Society. The token will be launched on a blockchain and will be governed by the Teamway Society members, fully decentralized. This way, we decentralize the Teamway Society, meaning that ownership can be redistributed from the few to the many, and create better economics where everybody wins.


Why web3 instead of web2?

Web3 technology enhances our value proposition of building a member-owned society for tech professionals. It will be the infrastructure to give power, profits, and perks back to the users on the platform as they deserve for their contributions.


Is Teamway a DAO?

No. In today’s world, we believe the magic is in the mix of decentralization and centralization. We are trying to strike the right balance by having a centralized legal entity (owned by the founders, the core team members, and the investors) which will be legally committed to share profits, power, and perks back to the decentralized Teamway Society in a transparent and trusted way enabled by the TMW Token.


How do I earn tokens?

Today, there are several ways to earn Teamway Tokens: Talent referrals, company referrals, create social awareness, take part in screening new applicants, become a mentor for other members, host events, produce content or work in the core platform.