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We use blockchain technology to redistribute value to all members of the Teamway society.

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You will be rewarded with TMW tokens by actively working or connecting people on Teamway.

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Jun 12 2022
You referred Sarper Erel
100 TMW
Jun 10 2022
You held a JavaScript workshop
100 TMW
Jun 12 2022
You referred Sarper Erel
100 TMW

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Ownership, transitions and decision making is always 100% transparent for everyone.

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What is the TMW token?

The Teamway Token, TMW, is the medium of exchange that represents rights to power and perks in the Teamway Society. The token will be launched on a blockchain and will be governed by the Teamway Society members, fully decentralized. This way, we decentralize the Teamway Society, meaning that ownership can be redistributed from the few to the many, and create better economics where everybody wins.


Why web3 instead of web2?

Web3 technology enhances our value proposition of building a member-owned society for tech professionals. It will be the infrastructure to give power, profits, and perks back to the users on the platform as they deserve for their contributions.


Is Teamway a DAO?

No, at least not yet. In today’s world, we believe the magic is in the mix of decentralization and centralization. We are trying to strike the right balance by having a centralized legal entity (owned by the founders, the core team members, and the investors) which will be legally committed to share profits, power, and perks back to the decentralized Teamway Society in a transparent and trusted way enabled by the TMW Token.


How do I earn tokens?

Today, there are several ways to earn Teamway Tokens: Talent referrals, company referrals, create social awareness, take part in screening new applicants, become a mentor for other members, host events, produce content or work in the core platform.

Contributors in the society.

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Build teams of highly motivated tech-professionals across the globe, with projects across all industries.

Open for applications


Work on your own terms in a motivating and healthy environment. You will earn TMW-tokens too!

Invite only


As a scout you will utilize your network to refer new members and companies to earn ownership in form of TMW-tokens.

Invite only


As a partner you can offer direct access to the Teamway society to your portfolio companies, community or customers.

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