A new model for work.

Teamway is the member-owned society where world-class tech professionals team up with progressive companies to build meaningful products and services.

Employment is changing.

For companies
Remote, independent work will be a requirement for the next generation of top talents in tech. The companies that embrace it as an opportunity will thrive - rethinking the way they build their teams to take advantage of the incredible pool of on-demand, independent talent and start innovating faster.
For professionals
The era of being just another asset, working on just another gig, in just another corporate setup, is over. A whole new generation of product builders has emerged, seeking opportunities to team-up, build something that matters to them, with the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

We believe in fairness, transparency and ownership.

Enabled by blockchain technology and you.

With the help of blockchain technology, ownership can be redistributed from the few to the many, as contributing to Teamway means that members can earn ownership.

Members contribute by screening new applicants, sourcing for hard-to-find talents, hosting educational events and much more.

This way, we can match companies with the most motivated talent in the world, without the crazy fees or the legal hassle.
Pre-vetted builders.
Nationalities represented.
Society earnings.

Meet our team.

11 online
Olivia Louise Peacock
Marketing Lead
Christopher Dragøy
Sarper Erel
Henrik Møller Kristensen
Sophie Morgenstern
Head of Community
Senior Engineer
Matias Bue Koefoed
Kar Bălan
Blockchain Engineer
Daniela Doe
Kristian Kongsted
Co-Founder & CTO
Søren Nørgaard
Co-Founder & CEO

Backed by the best.

CMT Digital
Investment firm focused on blockchain technology and the Web3 ecosystem. Early investors in Coinbase, Consensys, Axie Infinity, Dapper and Blockfi.
Web3 & Blockchain
Dreamcraft Ventures
Hands-on venture engineers for talented founders and tech-driven companies. Dreamcraft invests in European tech companies from pre-seed to series A
Pre-seed to Series A investment firm focused on Future of Work, specifically when Fintech meets HR Tech.
HR & Fintech
The Danish Growth Fund. In partnership with banks and investors, they select and develop the companies that Denmark can’t miss.
All industries

With incredible partners.

Polygon is a decentralised Ethereum scaling platform that enables developers to build scalable user-friendly Apps.
Oyster is a distributed HR platform that empowers companies to hire, pay, and care for talented teammates regardless of location.
HR Tech
A travel and medical incident insurance built specifically for digital nomads.