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future of work

For Enterprises

Teamway is the new way for enterprises to create, hire and manage elastic tech teams. We’ll match you to an entire remote team of incredible freelance talent - covering software development, design, project management, and more.

For Talent

For freelancers Teamway is the new way to team-up, collaborate and start working on more exciting projects. Teamway is growing fast, and we're adding highly skilled members and teams to the network everyday.

We exist to

Create fair opportunity for talent and organizations alike


Who you are is as important as what you do. We are curious about the human behind the member and make sure that your personality type fit's the culture of the client.


For too long freelancing has been about beating your fellow freelancers for that new project. But what if we unite and start collaborating instead?


We take care of our team-members. We promote trust and transparency. We also provide access to mentorship programmes.


When composing high performing teams diversity matter - as it always should! This allows you to hire without any risk of bias or prejudice.

A global team-led revolution

Top professionals from all over the world are taking part in shaping the future of work.


From struggle
to solution

Teamway was founded in 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Kristian Kongsted and Søren Nørgaard. Having experienced the struggle of creating and hiring elastic teams, made us realize that the current process and offerings are broken.

Simultaneously it became clear that existing freelance culture did not promote community and provide the benefits needed to live a sustainable life as a tech freelancer. Today, we are shaping the future of work by building the home for the world’s elastic workforce and organizations.


Through our global community fueled marketplace we connect great companies with the best freelance tech teams in a remote, elastic and mutually trusted setup. This empowers companies to transform into modern elastic organizations and it creates a new more inclusive work environment for our freelance members.

Our teams are built from the world’s best permanent tech freelancers who have all passed Teamway’s rigorous on-boarding tests. We work with exciting startups, innovation labs and enterprises like IKEA and Verisure who use Teamway to accelerate innovation, build new products and make their organisations more agile. 

The Team-Led revolution is happening. 

Are you ready to join?

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