Vitaliy: Independence and freedom to choose exactly where to work from

We invite you to meet Vitaliy, an experienced backend developer from Poland and a passionate motorcycle and winter sports lover. Read more about the future of work here!

We are excited to be one of the first companies to build a community-led platform for IT talent. Our focus is to ensure that our community members are in charge of their freelance journey and receive rewards for all their community contributions.

Our members are based all over the world. Today, we invite you to meet Vitaliy, an experienced backend developer from Poland and a passionate motorcycle and winter sports lover.

How long have you been working remotely?

The story begins 11 years ago when my son was born. I had less time to work and visit the office, so I decided to switch to something remote. I started working at a startup based in the Netherlands. Later, my friend and I started our startup. It was a mix of remote work and the office. It evolved to a fully remote company over time. 

When I started working remotely 10 years ago, the biggest challenge was self-organization and getting things done. And over time, this vision of remote work has evolved. For me, it hasn’t changed that much. When I start my day, I try to plan the most important things and do at least something that gets you moving. And then you just work and get rolling.

I focused primarily on back-end development and architecturing systems, so the remote work aligned with my vision of having more time with family, traveling, and working simultaneously.

What do you like about freelancing and remote work?

It is a combination of a few things: flexibility of your work schedule. You can adjust when you work and when you handle private things.

Another thing is having the independence and freedom to choose exactly where to work from. For example, you can go to the seaside and work from there.

What project are you working on now with Teamway?

I’m working for a small Danish company in the area of logistics and shipping. They have a fascinating business model, and I help them evolve.

I’m doing all my best to satisfy their needs and make the project stable and scalable. It has some baby-level problems, so it gives me the chance to contribute to that and create an effective solution while using some new technologies.

Georgia - one of Vitaliy’s favorite places for remote work.

What’s your field of expertise?

It is mostly backend development and general architecture solutions, including all areas, from database structure and database servers to business layer, business logic, backend, and APIs. And also partially the frontend. The solution is Rails-based, but I’m also doing some tweaks on the React side. 

Why did you choose Teamway?

It’s a small team, and both the company and the project are growing fast; I find it very exciting to be somewhere from the beginning of something cool and nice and add a significant impact to that.

In a setup like that, you can have ideas that can be very fruitful in the future, and that is very satisfactory.

What do you like doing in your free time?

I tend to be active. For example, in winter, I go snowboarding with my family. My wife and son are skiing. He is 11, and he is doing really good. Sometimes I have a hard time catching up with them.

Also, in my free time, I have been working on my motorcycle. I rebuilt it with new features, technologies. Similar to what I do in backend development.