Vasanth: Full-time freelancing enabled liberty to speak directly to clients

Meet Vasanth Ramachandran a passionate UI/UX designer. Read about his freelancing journey here!

One of the perks of being a freelancer is the liberty to choose exciting projects and communicate directly with the client. Our member Vasanth explains why this aspect of freelancing is vital for him.

How long have you been freelancing?

I have been freelancing for 9 years. First, I worked in many organizations and startups, and suddenly I started working as a freelancer. 

Getting into freelancing full-time gave me a lot of liberty to speak to the clients. When I speak directly with them, I get the essence of the project with a lot of clarity and understanding of real problems. And if I work in a company, I could only see parts of the problem.

So if I have to build something, I need to talk directly to the clients and stakeholders.

What do you like about freelancing and remote work?

The collaboration between the clients is essential for me. I prefer not to work with large organizations because it can get isolating, and you often only see one side. But if I go to startups or small companies, I can be responsible throughout the entire product cycle. So in freelancing, I look out for my accounts and the whole value propositions. 

Also, I am a globetrotter, and freelancing allows me to travel to many fabulous places. 

What project are you working on now with Teamway?

I’m designing the interface for the editor and website management system. I’m helping the developers to renovate the experience and create new usability. It’s a web application to build websites as efficiently as possible.

What’s your field of expertise?

80% of my expertise is in UI and UX. And then, I also do frontend development. HTML, CSS, and a little bit of JavaScript. I also do a lot of interactions and animations in the web flow. 

I learned developing skills 5 years ago because I had to communicate and translate my design to developers. 

I am also constantly building my portfolio. Since I’m a freelancer, I should be more cautious about picking up the right tools. That also gives me a lot of freedom to play around with my website. 

Why did you choose Teamway?

I’ve tried to pitch clients through emails and LinkedIn some years ago. Then I had a conversation with other big freelancer platforms, but it was a time-consuming process.

I chose Teamway because of the excellent reviews. 

One thing I love about Teamway is that it is a team-based platform. And that gives me a lot of liberty to speak about my projects. Some other platforms have communication gaps when a client talks to the platform.

And people in Teamway are also friendly.

What do you like doing in your free time?

I travel a lot. But I can’t step out now during Covid times. So now I’m just waiting for better times.