Sebastian: Mobile developer with a passion for programming and electronics.

Teamway community member experienced mobile developer, Sebastian Manolescu shares his experience as a freelancer. Read more about the future of work here!

Sebastian Manolescu is an experienced mobile developer with a passion for programming and electronics.

We are happy to introduce him to our community!

Why did you choose to freelance?

I started 6 years ago as it was something new and interesting. I was suggested to try a developer’s position for a company my friend worked for. I jumped in saying “let’s try it, what can go wrong?”

"Flexibility probably is one of the main things everyone wants at this time. It’s one of the major things I like in freelancing. Also avoiding traffic and getting some more time from commuting."

What project are you working on now with Teamway?

I work on an application that displays crime incidents in Denmark. So, for example, if you want to move into a new neighborhood, you can see the crime rate there.

What is your field of expertise?

Mobile. I’ve also been working with many other technologies, but mobile is the main one.

Why did you choose Teamway? 

I think Teamway chose me. I was contacted directly and was invited for an interview to discuss one project. It seemed like a cool idea and I was interested in joining the community. We started in December. 

What are you interested in after working hours?

I am interested in merging programming and electronics to make fun stuff.