Daniel: Innovator, problem solver, and avid sharpshooter

Teamway community member talented programmer and innovator Daniel Ionita shares his experience as a freelancer. Read more about the future of work here!

We are so lucky to have such a diverse community! Meet Daniel, a talented developer, innovator, problem solver, and…. an avid sharpshooter.

Why did you become a freelancer?

One of the main reasons to start freelancing was that I wanted to choose when I work. I like working in the afternoons, and honestly, it is hard for me to wake up in the mornings.

I also love having the ability to choose projects without specific times and places. Don't get me wrong, I like going to the office because you build a particular dynamic there. I like meeting colleagues and doing stuff like that. But it's still better to choose your times and meet your colleagues outside of the office. 

What do you like about freelancing the most?

There are so many things. Aside from working anytime, anywhere, I love having time and flexibility to do something I like.

Although you cannot have the same relationships and community as at the office, you can build online communities. I love the community initiatives we have at Teamway. I think that when you take away the physicality, it forces you to think about the strategy. And that's great for creating online communities.  

What project are you working on now with Teamway?

The project I'm working on right now is fun. We need to find data that is stored somewhere around the world, modify and structure it.

What's your field of expertise?

I am a 70% backend and 30% frontend developer. I started with C# and later moved to Python3. For frontend and mobile development, I mostly use react.

I also like creating solutions to complicated problems. 

Although you cannot have the same relationships and community as you have at the office, you can build online communities.

Why did you choose Teamway?

Teamway found and approached me. The interview with the team was outstanding, and I found their questions very inspiring.

Later I was waiting for a perfect offer for a while. I was refusing other job offers because I had a gut feeling that Teamway would find a job for me, and it was gonna be good. And they did. Now I treat Teamway like a family.

3 fun facts about yourself?

Hmm, here they are:

  • I created my own drone. It's a quadcopter, and it has a camera on it. So you can see what the drone is seeing. I think this is the most interesting electronic thing I've ever made. 
  • I'm an avid sharpshooter. Also, I have a license for archery, so I love shooting bows. In general, I'm passionate about medieval stuff. So, as soon as it's available, my team plans to go to a war simulation. During these events, participants dress in real steel armor, and they have steel weapons. 
  • I am also a leader of an air-soft team. So we also shoot replica weapons.