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Teamway is a decentralized society where world-class and diverse builders team up with progressive companies to build meaningful products and services.
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Join 150+ companies that care about impact and diversity in tech.

Why Teamway?


Only pay if you hire

No hidden costs

Our platform is completely free to use. This means that you can meet our talent and decide if they would be able to lift off that rocketship with you - free of charge!



15 %

Teamway takes 15% on top of a member's hourly rate. Our members decide their hourly rates and keep 100% of the earnings, and we match companies with talent within their budgets. Simple. Transparent.



Scale up and down

Flexibility in scalability. No binding contracts - you can terminate within 30 days with freedom. No obligation to continue hiring through Teamway. Only stay if you absolutely love our members - like we do!


Quality guarantee


Every member goes through our 4-step screening process. Only the very best make it through (5%), ensuring you meet some of the best talents out there.


Matching speed

48 hours

You will see at least 1 perfect match to your role within 48 hours. On average, we present around 3 matches within the first 72 hours.

Customer stories

Verisure's Success Story with Teamway
&Open's Transformation: Unleashing Potential with Teamway

For Talent

Meet A-players

Connect with the like-minded top global talent in the Teamway society.

Shape your career

Get access to impactful roles with progressive companies. Mentor young talent and get mentorship from senior talent in your field.

Be the owner of your work

Teamway is a decentralized society with no middleman – so you keep 100% what you earn. There is no cost for you to be a part of us.

Long-term projects

We land the projects for you and compose the right teams for the task. Compared to others, Teamway has an average project duration of 7 months.

The future of work starts here.

How to hire through Teamway?

1. Create your team roles.
Once you gain access to the Teamway platform you start out by adding your first team roles.
2. We'll find your new talent in 2 days.
Our matching engine will start sourcing in the society for perfect matches and present them on the platform. Review the matches, set-up interviews and negotiate rates.
3. All set – time to build!
That’s it. You can now hire your new team members directly on the platform without any legal hassle or crazy fees.
Become a citizen
1. Book an intro call
Talk to one of our members to learn more about Teamway and for us to get a better understanding of who you are. We are looking for excellent communications skills and sharp minds.

If you're a good match you become a citizen and gain access to the platform.
Sam Smith
Become a builder
2. Build and show
Create a simple project built from the ground up, using the technology of your choice. Once you submit your project you can book a call with a senior member. Here you will be able to explain your thoughts around your project and process, to showcase your professionalism.

If you pass the call you become a builder in the Teamway society and can starting taking on exciting jobs.
Ready to build your dream team?

Why innovative companies hire tech talents on Teamway?

View success stories
Teamway is simply a great solution, quick to get started and find incredible developers, easy to onboard and a perfect solution when you need real flexibility without compromising on quality.
Mathias Hermansen
Co-Founder & CEO
match rate.
If you too are finding it difficult and time-consuming to hire strong engineers, you should try Teamway. Super intuitive platform, incredible talent and speed.
Dennis Green-Lieber
Head of Product
faster than traditional hiring.

We found the best builders in tech so you don't have to.

Teamway is home for the radically motivated and uniquely skilled
builders in tech. Thousands apply to join every month.
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Full Stack Developer
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