Tomasz: I can choose projects based on my needs and ambitions.

Meet Tomasz Kaczor, an experienced Java programmer with a passion for backend development. Read more about the future of work here!

Having access to a highly curated network of top global talent is one of the reasons why our clients trust us. But there is so much more to it than that. We are building a truly community-led platform for IT professionals where each member is rewarded for their community contributions. 

One of those members is Tomasz, a skilled Java programmer with a passion for backend development. 

Why did you become a freelancer?

Like many others, I enjoy the flexibility and the ability to choose different projects based on my needs and ambitions. Also, it is better money and fewer taxes. That’s why I started working as a freelancer here in Poland.

If I ever want to become a permanent employee again, the freelancing experience makes it easier to explain to recruiters why I’ve been changing so many projects.

What project are you working on now with Teamway?

I work on a project in one of the Scandinavian banks. I am part of the Digital Science and Research department team. Actually, we’re doing a lot of small stuff. For example, we work with the sales manager to identify customers who could benefit from their products. 

What’s your field of expertise?

I am a Java developer. It’s been 14 years of doing Java and backend development. Previously I did a lot of full-stack, but now I prefer the backend.

Why did you choose Teamway?

Teamway contacted me on Linkedin, where I was searching for new opportunities. I joined the recruitment process and here I am! 

I was hired as a remote employee some years ago. It was not freelancing but a permanent position. Now it is freelance work at Teamway.

What are you doing on your free time?

I'm currently trying to learn chess. I’m not good at it, but I also don’t have too much time to learn. I like listening to heavy music, metal and playing computer games as well.