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Join your new freelance dream team. Work on much more exciting and challenging projects together and connect with the global Teamway community. 

New Projects

No more competition and hunting for new projects. We land the projects for you, compose the right team for the task and you just worry about doing your thing.

Career Progression

How do you reach the next stage of your freelance career? Now you can work your way up, get leadership experience and end up managing your own team.

Keep 100% of your earnings

We got rid of talent fees and membership costs so you can keep 100% of what you earn. Just the way it should be.


Global Teams That Work


The Teamway


Who you are is as important as what you do. We are curious about the human behind the co-worker and make sure that personality types are matched in the teams. 


For too long freelancing has been about beating your fellow freelancers for that new project. But what if we unite and start collaborating instead? 


When composing high-performing teams, diversity matters - as it always should. We look at nationality, background, gender and seniority when our new teams are assembled.


We belong anywhere. That's the beauty of remote work. A global outlook is at the core of everything we do. We're all in this together. 


Global Community

"As a full-time freelancer of five years, this has completely transformed how i work "

Ana, 31, Barcelona

Product Manager

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At Teamway we are shaping the future of work by building the home for the world’s elastic workforce. 
Through our global community fueled marketplace we connect great companies with the best freelance tech teams in a remote, elastic and mutually trusted setup. This empowers companies to transform into modern elastic organizations and it creates a new more inclusive work environment for our freelance members.
Our teams are built from the world’s best permanent tech freelancers who have all passed Teamway’s rigorous on-boarding tests. We work with exciting startups, innovation labs and enterprises like IKEA and Verisure who use Teamway to accelerate innovation, build new products and make their organisations more agile.
5 reasons to join us: 
– You keep 100% of your earnings. Just the way it should be! 
– Don’t worry about landing new projects – we’ve got you covered!
– Become part of a thriving global community. 
– Work in teams composed of the most talented tech freelancers 
– Work with exciting clients on longer projects
The Teamway culture is based on mutual trust and transparency. Here is our Code of Conduct that describes it in detail.
Yes. Motivation matters! When we offer you a new project you can accept or reject it. 
We have full-time and part-time assignments, length and type of projects vary between clients.
We are a bring your own device company, but some clients do provide additional resources for the project. Over time we will add more tools to the platform to help you do your best work. 
We assume normal working hours 9 – 17 GMT+1 but we are a global remote community, so most teams and projects will have a few hours overlapping to make syncing possible.
It will depend on the project and client, some projects are brand new (greenfield) and some are already in motion (brownfield). In some cases your team will consist only of Teamway members. In others it will be a combination of members from the clients’ team and Teamway.
Teams are organised by project and client needs. The  work methodology depends on the clients needs, but mostly an agile methodology; SCRUM and Jira. 
Yes, but unpaid. Our members are paid for the time worked.
Yes, as part of our community we will bring opportunities to learn from each other and others. At Teamway we highly believe in continuous learning on the job.
We invoice the client a 10% fee for our services on top of the freelancer rate. Simple and transparent for everyone. 
We work globally and remotely, so unfortunately we can not help anyone with relocation and work visas.
You will have the contract and a notice period.
We are working on introducing this for our community members.

The application process

We have created a lean and transparent recruitment process:
1) You start by entering your personal information and what type of projects you are interested in. 
2) A member of our team will contact you to schedule our first meeting to get to know each other better. This is an opportunity to ask any further questions about Teamway. If we agree to move forward, we will send you an assignment to be done in your own time.
3) Next step is a technical test and interview with a more detailed discussion on the available position.
4) Final step is the interview with the client.
The process will not take more than two weeks depending on the availability for interviews during the three steps.
Within days of your final interview, we will let you know via the email that you provided.
Once your application is accepted, we will invite you to our platform. There you will be able to sign the contract for the project. As part of our community we will be there to support you with further onboarding from our end. The client will also do their own onboarding for the specific project.
If the application is unsuccessful, we will ask you if you want us to keep your data and consider you for future opportunities. But we do not store any of your personal data unless you agree.

Working with Teamway clients

You will be invoicing us for your services so if your country requires you to set up your own company (most countries do) then yes.
Each freelancer is responsible for their own local taxes as required by law.
A typical day with many of our clients starts with a daily sync, and with bi-weekly sprint planning. But as we have various clients with various types of projects your typical day/week might look different.
Teams are not permanent and they are dedicated to the client and project. But of course the same team could work on another project in the future.
You log all your work in the work log on the Teamway platform. No other tracking. We promote trust and responsibility.   
Yes it can, in very rare instances, but will depend on the project contract and notice periods.
The freelancer contract is with Teamway
You invoice Teamway at the end of each month, and we make the payment via your selected choice. We are currently working with Payoneer, Paypal and bank transfers in select countries.
Yes, we fully support career advancements. The next project can be at a step higher in salary and position.
Yes, our community is super important to us! We have an active community channel to keep each other connected and up to date and also host community events. We are also setting up various community centered benefits.
Once a project finishes you will be available to start another project and join another team. Before your current project has been finished we will match available projects for you.

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