Teamway is the new way to hire world class freelance development teams on-demand. We connect modern companies with the best IT talent in a remote, elastic and mutually trusted setup. 
When getting started your dedicated PM will help scope the project. Once we have a clear overview we match you with the right team for the job in 4-5 days. 
Indeed we do, contact us for more details.
Our process is designed to eliminate all waste and keep this hassle-free for you, our customer. You will work exclusively with your dedicated project managers and will not need to have any unnecessary face time with the dedicated engineers or designers. 
We help you with all project management. We take ownership and accountability of the process from start to finish. Let us worry, so you don’t have to.
We offer credit card billing or invoicing.
Other freelance platforms are mainly focused on individuals and you are responsible for doing all the project management yourself. At Teamway we are dedicated to teams and dedicated project management. 
Our team members are mainly based in Europe. 
All TeamWay managers are based in the Nordics and have a minimum of 5 years of experience leading highly technical software development projects. 

Testing and screening

We screen our teams for communication skills, personality, domain-specific knowledge and a high level of professionalism. Approximately 6% of applicants pass the screening process. 
Our process includes a variety of ways to determine skill and proficiency, including portfolio reviews, technical coding challenges, user or market research, business cases, project management backlog grooming, formal assessments as well as live problem-solving sessions as appropriate to the candidate and vertical.
All applicants complete a test project to demonstrate live proficiency with a project similar to what they would work on in a typical engagement.   
No. Each and every Teamway member speaks and writes fluent english. In fact, before we invite candidates to tackle our rigorous domain-specific tests, we conduct lengthy interviews to ensure they have a high level of proficiency in English and have personalities well-suited to working with western technical teams.


Currently, we have experts in over 19 countries, most being in Europe.
The vast majority work remotely from their home office or a co-working space.
In practice, there have only been a few instances where clients have felt it absolutely necessary to bring a Team physically on-site. If this truly is a requirement, we can work with you to coordinate relocating an individual or team to your location for a specified period of time.

Pricing and payment

Because we have experts all over the world, pricing can vary across several factors. We will work with you to find the right price point for your project.
We typically invoice our clients twice a month, though there is some flexibility here.
We currently accept all major credit cards, ACH, bank wires, and PayPal.