Community voices: Andrei Cojea

Andrei is an experienced front-end developer who was used to practicing martial arts. Find out how his first fight in a Kyokushin Karate competition ended in our short and sweet chat below.

Why did you choose to freelance?

"I was missing an adventure. I worked for 5 years for a German startup but got tired of the same problems I saw every day and felt the need for new projects."

What project are you working on now with Teamway?

It’s an IT management solution. I’m working with 2 other programmers. It is a good start and a challenging project, exactly what I was looking for.

What’s your field of expertise?

I am a front-end guy. Been working with these technologies for 8 years. I like trying as many things as possible because every project needs a solution. If that requires some design, I’ll be up for it just to have a cool product at the end.

Why did you choose Teamway? 

I stumbled into you, guys. Teamway got in touch with me and I thought you are cool. So I stayed and got a project sooner than I expected.

Fun fact about yourself?

A couple of years ago I used to do karate training. My first fight in a Kyokushin Karate competition was against a 14-year-old kid. I was 22 back then…. and lost so badly.

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