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Teamway is where modern companies find, hire, and manage pre-vetted tech talent for a fraction of the cost of agencies. Fair, transparent and fast.
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Hire pre-vetted remote developers, designers and product managers with world-class technical and communication skills, without worrying about crazy fees or the legal hassle.
Teamway is a member-owned society where world-class tech professionals team up with progressive companies to build meaningful products and services.
Join 150+ companies trusting Teamway for their remote engineering needs.

Traditional recruitment is over.
Build your dream team with Teamway.

Fast and flexible

Hire in just 72 hours. Scale your team up-and-down from month-to-month as needed.

No legal hassle

Hiring remote independent talent used to be a struggle - not anymore! We handle the legal hassle for you.


Make your budget go up to 4x further by accessing talent directly without the middleman.

Only the best

Access the top 5% of talent that passes our in-depth application and vetting process.

Meet fellow professionals

Connect with the like-minded global professionals in the Teamway society.

Long-term projects

Work on long-term full-time remote projects with exciting companies.

Work on your terms

You decide where you want to work from, on what and with who.

Earn ownership

When you contribute to the society you earn ownership through the TMW token.

Why innovative companies hire tech talents on Teamway?

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Teamway is simply a great solution, quick to get started and find incredible developers, easy to onboard and a perfect solution when you need real flexibility without compromising on quality.
Mathias Hermansen
Co-Founder & CEO
match rate.
If you too are finding it difficult and time-consuming to hire strong engineers, you should try Teamway. Super intuitive platform, incredible talent and speed.
Dennis Green-Lieber
Head of Product
faster than traditional hiring.

We found the best builders in tech so you don't have to.

Teamway is home for the radically motivated and uniquely skilled
builders in tech. Thousands apply to join every month.
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The future of work starts here.

How to hire through Teamway?

1. Create your team roles.
Once you gain access to the Teamway platform you start out by adding your first team roles.
2. We'll find your new talent in 5 days.
Our matching engine will start sourcing in the society for perfect matches and present them on the platform. Review the matches, set-up interviews and negotiate rates.
3. All set – time to build!
That’s it. You can now hire your new team members directly on the platform without any legal hassle or crazy fees.
Become a citizen
1. Book an intro call
Talk to one of our members to learn more about Teamway and for us to get a better understanding of who you are. We are looking for excellent communications skills and sharp minds.

If you're a good match you become a citizen and gain access to the platform.
Sam Smith
Become a builder
2. Build and show
Create a simple project built from the ground up, using the technology of your choice. Once you submit your project you can book a call with a senior member. Here you will be able to explain your thoughts around your project and process, to showcase your professionalism.

If you pass the call you become a builder in the Teamway society and can starting taking on exciting jobs.
Hire deeply-vetted tech talents
Powered by the Teamway Platform.
Get the full overview of your elastic teams, their tasks and progress.
your teams and request changes.
Access worklogs and scale your team up and down when needed.
Payments, legal and contracts.
All documents and payments in one place. Just the way it should be.
Everything you need in one place.
Scale your team up and down.
We handle everything practical.
All-in-one remote talent platform
Find, hire and manage your new tech talents with the next-generation talent platform.
Manage your teams and request changes.
Access worklogs and scale your team up and down when needed.
Payments, legal and contracts.
All documents and payments in one place. Just the way it should be.

Trusted by 150+ companies of all sizes.

IKEA is the world's largest furniture retail chain with 315 stores in 27 countries generating over $40 billion of revenue.
Danske Bank
Danske Bank is the largest bank in Denmark with more than 3M customers and 22.000 employees.
Better Collective
The leading developer of educational platforms within the iGaming industry.
Neurons applies neuroscience tools and insights to help businesses better understand unconscious and conscious responses.
The marketplace for trading gaming skins and assets without scams. Backed by YC.
Layerise provides a SaaS platform that acts as a digital assistant for physical products.

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Start building your team and hire the most motivated remote tech talents in the world.
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For the next era of work you get to be in control. Freedom, ownership and belonging.
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Token-based, member-owned society that is built around every member’s best interest.